Thursday, August 19, 2010

Video Selection - 你不知道的事

Wang Leehom's 王力宏 latest song "All The Things You Never Knew" 你不知道的事 is a theme song for the movie "Love in Disguise" 戀愛通告.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Vincy Chan's Malaysia Promo Tour 2010 (泳兒大馬'預見...遇見'簽唱會)

I realized it has been ages since I last update this blog of mine. Do people still have time for blogs since we have platforms like facebook and twitter which is much faster? Anyway, it's been too long and I guess my 'stalker' has given up on 'stalking' me here (if there is any to start with) ;P
Last Friday (23/7/2010) I went with my cousin bro, his friend and couz sister to OverTime, Life Centre Kuala Lumpur last Friday to meet Hong Kong singer, Vincy Chan (泳儿) who was in town to promote her new album titled '預見...遇見'. I'm not really a super die hard fan but I do listen to her songs.

First of all, a singer with her caliber should not be given such venue to promote her album. The stage is way too small and she literally has no place to walk around.

The patrons are mostly consists of Friday-after-work-hang-out-with-friends type of customers with young waitress (age not more than 30) who dressed like a milkmaid just that the skirt has been chopped off to reveal a pair of sexy legs.

We ordered snacks of french fries and fried mushroom and 1 bucket of Heineken @ 8.15 pm. The beer was fast but the snacks took more than 1 hr to arrived. I'm guessing it's their tactics of hoping we'll order more drinks while waiting for our paid food :(

In between while waiting for the gig to start and the food to arrive, the following conversation took place ...

Bro: That waitress look cute.
Sis: No no no, the other one look cuter ... wait, the one behind us like WoW!
Me: Which one?
Sis: The one directly behind me, with 2 mountains!
Me: You mean the twin towers on her chest?
Sis: Ya ya ya and she looks like a doll.
Me: Looks quite cute.
Bro: Not my type. Do you think I can get the cute waitress cell number?
Sis: But she doesn't have any dimples as per your No. 1 top requirement in any girl.
Bro: Hehehe ... no harm trying rite?
Me: Of course, provided you sit here all night order barrels and barrels of beer like the uncles next table. I'm sure she'll sit with you and give you her probably fake cell number.

In the end, we left without any cute waitress number :(

OneFM DJ, Jack Yap was the MC for the nite. He did a fair job, perhaps the crowd did not provide enough response to make the gig livelier.

Not when you are facing some drunk men shouting on top of their lungs! These bunch of idiots was shouting for their friend whom they called 'Eason Chan' up to the stage for a little game. This Eason Chan wannabe don't look nor sound like him. Maybe they are referring to Eason's dad? Anyway, the game was to compliment Vincy and the best lines wins. 3 dudes + 1 gal. The Eason Chan wannabe mumbled something like 'sor jai' (idiot in cantonese). We were like huh? In the end, the prize went to the gal. Then the drunkards starts to shout something like 'unfair' mainly because their friend didn't win anything. Geez ... have some class lah dei!

Only a handful of fans showed up and when the camera was clicking away, they hide behind the neon banner! I can never understand why they don't want their face to be seen on camera. Maybe next time they should wear a mask so that nobody will recognize them! Duh!

Then there's this gal whom I think is not really a fan but still snapping away with her cell phone. Whenever the fans screams, she'll shut her eyes and her shoulders will go up hoping to close her ears with them because the hand is too busy with cell phone. If the sounds is damn annoying to her, then she should not stand at the fans section in the first place. Like duh duh!

A jigsaw puzzle with Vincy's face was presented to her by the fan club.

She sang a total of 3 songs for this gig - '无缘罪', '原来爱情那麽难' and '不可預見, 只可遇見'. Please visit Sing K Lyrics for the video and pinyin lyrics of the song.

Autograph session. The pace was so fast that I didn't manage to snap any photos of my cousin bro and his friend. Another reason is because one fella was blocking me all the way! Whenever I want to snap a picture, his hand will shot up holding his camera, totally blocked my view ... urgggghhh!

Vincy is too thin in person but she has pretty features :)

The gig ended at 9.30 pm and by then we were still waiting for our french fries to arrived from France!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Funny Pic of the Day

Kitteh: "Ahhh ... this is what it feels like when you have strong support from family members ~ meowwwwww"

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Have a Roarrring Chinese New Year

Here wishing all of you folks out there a roarring and paw-perous Tiger Year with good health, fortune, luck and happiness! Let us have the fighting spirit of a tiger to overcome whatever *cough Anton cough* challenges in front of us :D

Unleash the 'animal' in you! ROARRRRRRRRR ...

Friday, January 29, 2010

iPhone ... and now iPad

The Apple version of the 'tablet' has arrived (for those who don't know it yet, this is not some tablet you take for your headache but it's a tablet pc).

Apple says the iPad is "Our most advanced technology in a magical and revolutionary device at an unbelievable price".

I think it's quite cool despite my IT programmer friend's not-so-keen-to-get-one remarks :)

For the technical specification, you can visit Apple.

Below is the video introduction:-

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Video Selection - Surprise!

This is too cute ... black kitty with white velvet paws =^..^=

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy Meowy New Year

Let us cherish the unforgettable moments in 2009 and look forward to an interesting 2010. May GOD bless us with JOY to fill our days, PEACE to fill our hearts and LOVE to fill our lives.

New Year folks